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Strong Electrical Conductivity Graphite Electrodes

  • Brand name Eastmate
  • Product origin Tianjin
  • Delivery time 15-30days after payment confirm
  • Supply capacity 80000 tons/year

Product Description

Electrode: Electrode: Electrode:
Bulk Density≥ 1.56g/cm3  Bulk Density≥ 1.65g/cm3  Bulk Density≥ 1.68g/cm3 
Specific Resistivity≤ 8.5μm  Specific Resistivity≤ 6.5μm  Specific Resistivity≤ 5.8μm 
Bending Strength≥ 10.0MPa  Bending Strength≥ 12.0MPa  Bending Strength≥ 16.0MPa 
Elastic Modulus≤ 9.3GPa Elastic Modulus≤ 10.0GPa Elastic Modulus≤ 14.0GPa
Thermal Expansion Coefficient≤ 2.7x10 -6/°C Thermal Expansion Coefficient≤ 2.2x10 -6/°C Thermal Expansion Coefficient≤ 1.9x10 -6/°C
Ash≤ 0.5% Ash≤ 0.3% Ash≤ 0.2%
Nipple: Nipple: Nipple:
Bulk Density≥ 1.68g/cm3  Bulk Density≥ 1.74g/cm3  Bulk Density≥ 1.76g/cm3 
Specific Resistivity≤ 7.0μm  Specific Resistivity≤ 5.5μm  Specific Resistivity≤ 4.5μm 
Bending Strength≥ 14.0MPa Bending Strength≥ 16.0MPa Bending Strength≥ 18.0MPa
Elastic Modulus≤ 13.7GPa Elastic Modulus≤ 14.0GPa Elastic Modulus≤ 16.0GPa
Thermal Expansion Coefficient≤ 2.5 x10 -6/°C Thermal Expansion Coefficient≤ 2.0 x10 -6/°C Thermal Expansion Coefficient≤ 1.4 x10 -6/°C
Ash≤ 0.5% Ash≤ 0.3% Ash≤ 0.2%

  Item   Value
  Place of Oriqin   China
  Type   Electrode Block
  Application   Metallurgical Industry
  Length   2000mm-2700mm
  Resistance (u2.m   4.0-8.8
  Apparent Density(g/cm   1.55-1.82
  Themal Expansio   1.1-2.6,1.1-1.4
  Flexural Strength (N/m2   28Mpa
  Product Name   UHP Grade Graphite Electrode
  Raw Materia   Petroleum Coke
  Colo   Black
  Nipple   3TPI/4TPI/4TPIL
  Applicattion   Smelting Stee
  MOQ   20 Tor
  Deeistance   4.8 to 5.8 microns
  Apparent Density   1.68-1.75
  Flexural Strengt   10-14mpa
  Pacing   Wooden Cases

Graphite electrodes offer superior electrical conductivity, high thermal resistance, and mechanical strength. These advantages make them essential in electric arc furnaces for efficient steel and metal production. Graphite electrodes exhibit several key advantages that make them indispensable in various industrial applications. Their exceptional electrical conductivity enables efficient energy transfer in electric arc furnaces, essential for melting and refining metals during steel production. High thermal resistance allows graphite electrodes to withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring sustained and reliable performance in demanding environments.


Graphite electrodes are used primarily in electric arc furnace steel manufacturing. Graphite electrodes can provide high levels of electrical conductivity and capability of sustaining the extremely high levels of generated heat. Graphite electrodes are also used in the refinement of steel and similar smelting processes.

Packaging & Shipping

Packing Details: Wooden Case/Pallets with steel strips or As the customers' requirements.

Port: Tianjin Port, Qingdao Port.

Leading Time: Shipped in 15-30 days after payment.

Company Profile

Tianjin Eastmate Carbon Co.,Ltd is located in Tianjin City, which is specialized in exporting varieties of cokes in China , including Graphite Electrode , petroleum coke, calcined coke, graphite petroleum coke and so on. We stick to the "quality first" to guarantee the goods with the competitive price in different specifications, at the same time. We can also ensure the quantity you required because of our huge coke plants. Surely,we have our own specialized logistics team to reduce the cost at the maximum. With the strong technological team, we can always provide the reliable service to make your purchasing be much more easier. We can provide solutions to any industry where energy is of essence and cost optimization is possible.
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1. Your specification is not very suitable for us.
Please offer us specific indicators by TM or email. we will give you feedback as soon as possible.
2.When can i get the price?
We usually quote within 24 hours after getting your detailed requirements, like size, quantity etc. 
If it is an urgent order, you can call us directly.

3. Do you provide samples?
Yes, samples are available for you to check our quality. 
Samples delivery time will be about 3-10 days. 

4. What about the lead time for mass product?
The lead time is based on the quantity,about 7-15 days. For graphite product, apply dual-use items license need about 15-20 working days.