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The market price of electrode paste has declined weakly, and the cost support has weakened.

2024-01-13 10:21:49

Market overview

This week (2024.1.5-2024.1.11), China's electrode paste market prices declined weakly. As of this thursday, the average market price of electrode paste was 4,750 yuan/ton, down 80 yuan/ton from the same period last week, or 1.66%. The mainstream transaction price range was 4,300-5,100 yuan/ton. The price of raw coal pitch fell this week, and the cost support weakened. The downstream calcium carbide market was weak and profits shrank. The ferroalloy market continued to be weak. There was no favorable support for the downstream market. Some electrode paste companies lowered their prices. Market transactions were temporarily stable. The main companies mainly based on orders from old customers, a few companies will increase their load this month.

Supply side

This week, the mainstream start-up of China's electrode paste industry has been generally stable. Enterprises in Ningxia, the main production area in the northwest, are starting operations normally. Mainstream manufacturers are deeply tied to large downstream enterprises, focusing on multi-order production, and orders are relatively stable. A few enterprises are preparing inventory for the Spring Festival holiday; enterprises in North China mostly maintain old customers and are starting operations. Steady; trading in Central China continues to be stable, and enterprise production is stable; a certain enterprise in East China mainly focuses on export orders and production to order; enterprises in South China produce normally, mostly based on orders from old customers; enterprises in Southwest China produce normally run.

Demand side

This week, the domestic calcium carbide market is still dominated by the following behaviors. The average market price is about 3,214 yuan/ton. The overall operating rate of the industry is about 72.26%, which is 1.02% higher than last week. During the week, calcium carbide production increased in Shizuishan area of Ningxia, and a furnace was also used to deliver electricity in Zhongwei area. Calcium carbide companies in Ulanqab and Sichuan areas all increased their load. There were indefinite power restrictions in Wuhai area, and there were also small increases in Shizuishan and Shaanxi areas. Reduce. In addition, the comprehensive profit of the calcium carbide industry shrank this week.