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Customized High Purity Si 3303 411 553 Silicon Metal

  • Brand name Eastmate
  • Product origin Tianjin
  • Delivery time 15-30days after payment confirm
  • Supply capacity 100000 tons/year

Product Description

Grade Si Fe Al Ca
553 0.985 0.005 0.005 0.003
441 0.99 0.004 0.004 0.001
4502 0.99 0.004 0.005 0.0002
421 0.99 0.004 0.002 0.001
411 0.99 0.004 0.001 0.001
3303 0.99 0.003 0.003 0.0003
2202 0.99 0.002 0.002 0.0002
2202 0.99 0.002 0.002 0.0002
1101 0.99 0.001 0.001 0.0001

Silicon metal is obtained from silica found in quartz, through reduction in submerged arc electrical furnaces, which could exceed 3.000o C, using charcoal and planted forest wood chips as reductant.

Silicon metal is a grey and shiny semiconductor metal, also known as crystalline silicon or industrial silicon, and is mainly used as an additive for non-ferrous alloys. Silicon metal is produced from quartz and coke in an electric furnace, and the content of the silicon element is about 98% (in recent years, with a content of 99.99%, Si is also called silicon metal), and the other impurities are mainly iron, aluminium, calcium, and so on. The classification of metallic silicon is according to the content of iron, aluminium, and calcium; silicon metal can be divided into different grades such as 553, 441, 411, 3303, 2202, and 1101.


Electronics: Silicon metal is the cornerstone of the electronics industry. It forms the basis of integrated circuits, microchips, transistors, and other essential components that power our digital world.

Solar Energy: Silicon's photovoltaic properties make it an indispensable material in solar cell production. It captures and converts sunlight into electricity, enabling clean and renewable energy generation.

Construction and Infrastructure: Silicon compounds are employed in construction materials like concrete, glass, and ceramics, enhancing their durability and stability.

Medical and Biotechnology: Silicon wafers play a critical role in medical imaging technologies like X-rays and MRI machines. Silicon's biocompatibility also makes it suitable for implantable medical devices.

Company Profile

Tianjin Eastmate Carbon Co., Ltd is located in Tianjin City, which is specialized in exporting varieties of cokes in China , including Graphite Electrode, petroleum coke, calcined coke, graphite petroleum coke,graphite electrode,artificial graphite anode material, silicon metal and so on. We stick to the "quality first" to guarantee the goods with the competitive price in different specifications, at the same time. We can also ensure the quantity you required because of our huge coke plants. Surely, we have our own specialized logistics team to reduce the cost at the maximum. With the strong technological team, we can always provide the reliable service to make your purchasing be much more easier. We can provide solutions to any industry where energy is of essence and cost optimization is possible. 

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Our company has five major production bases, including Lanzhou in Gansu, Linyi in Shandong, Binhai in Tianjin, Ulanqab in Inner Mongolia, and Binzhou in Shandong. The annual output is 200,000 tons of calcined coke, 150,000 tons of graphitized carburizer, and 20,000 tons of silicon carbide, 80,000 of artificial graphite anode material, 80,000 carbon & graphite electrode,50,000 of carbon electrode paste, and other carbon products including carbon electrode paste, graphite crucible 



1. Your specification is not very suitable for us.
Please offer us specific indicators by TM or email. we will give you feedback as soon as possible.
2.When can i get the price?
We usually quote within 24 hours after getting your detailed requirements, like size, quantity etc. 
If it is an urgent order, you can call us directly.

3. Do you provide samples?
Yes, samples are available for you to check our quality. 
Samples delivery time will be about 3-10 days. 

4. What about the lead time for mass product?
The lead time is based on the quantity,about 7-15 days. For graphite product, apply dual-use items license need about 15-20 working days.